Eddy Bowl at Central Market’s Customer Appreciation Day

Our thanks to Tahoe Central Market in beautiful downtown Kings Beach, Lake Tahoe for putting on their annual “Customer Appreciation Day” and inviting us to participate. Live music, cold beer, and those hot links… The staff at Eddybowl had a wonderful time in our backyard sharing our dog bowl with all the great folks and their 4 […]

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Walking with your Dog.

Allowing your dog some time to sniff around and investigate is good for them mentally.  Dogs gain knowledge of the world through their noses. We like to call it “reading p-mails”. Your dog needs to know what’s going on in the neighborhood. Have you ever noticed after you return from a trip it takes your dog […]

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Join the Eddy Bowl at Squaw Valley Earth Day, April 16th, 2016

On the 1st Earth day in 1970, 22 million Americans celebrated clean air, land, and water. We are happy to announce the official launch of our product, the Eddy Bowl, at Squaw Valley’s Earth Day Event on April 16th. It would be great to meet you and get to know all of you that have been supporting us and […]

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Eddy Bowl = Preparedness

We would do just about anything to protect our family, which includes our four-legged family members. In the event of a disaster remember to create a pet emergency supply kit, too. You’ll want to include food, medications, and other basics, and an “Eddy bowl” would come in handy because of its convenience. Tip of the day “pet owner preparedness”.

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The Eddy Bowl and the Sea.

It’s a “Indian Summer” glass off, off shores, water temp a beautiful 72 degrees, and a perfect 3-4 feet. Those of you know what I’m talking about, it’s heaven. The other best thing is paddling in after a session and walking on the beach with your four legged best friend. Throwing a stick, rubbing your […]

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The Eddy Bowl is Convenient and Sanitary at Dog Parks!

What’s so great about dog parks? Watching our best friend playing in a large open space meeting other four legged friends, enjoying and sharing the great outdoors, getting dirty and loving life. But wait a minute. All that good time running, jumping, and play-fighting builds up quite a thirst. Studies have looked into the dirtiest and […]

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