May 24, 2016

So, your dog has allergies.

Allergies can affect many dogs this time of year. This is my first year with a dog with allergies and, while it’s comical, it can be so annoying for your pet.

When used properly, Benadryl, a common brand name for the drug diphenhydramine, is very safe for dogs however, over the counter versions of Benadryl designed for humans often contain other medications which can be toxic for dogs. Check with your vet first.

Locally grown organic honey can also help your dog through the allergy season. This is what I’ve done for my new dog and it works great. When you eat honey, you ingest minute amounts of local pollen which allows your body to adjust so that it doesn’t react to the pollen. Eventually, you can be exposed to larger amounts without being affected. More information here.

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