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About Us

Keeping life simple

Carol Piechocinski

I was fortunate to have parents that turned me on to the ocean early in my life. Growing up in southern California, surfing was my life. Existing near water with my dogs keeps me grounded. The water situation in our world cannot be taken lightly. Creating the Eddy Bowl allowed me to continue my mission to conserve water and my passion for animal welfare.

We must stop using
disposable plastics

Darilyn Kotzenberg
Senior VP & Director of Marketing & Creative

In a small house in north Lake Tahoe I practice organic permaculture gardening, composting, and bike transportation. Living a sustainable lifestyle for several years now I have much less stuff, eat mostly vegan, and am adamant about water conservation. I also adopt older dogs and help them live out their lives joyously in our mountain paradise.

Quality of life realized

Ramona Cruz
Director of Finance

I believe everyone and every living creature deserves quality of life. This can mean many things to many people. At the top of my list is clean safe drinking water. We are 60% water and can’t exist without it. Here at Anybowl, I’ve found a way to provide safe water to our pet family members while valuing our planets resources. In joining this team of like minded women we believe that by using sustainably sourced materials and providing education we can create a better quality of life for all.

A healthy pet is a hydrated pet, anytime, anywhere

Linda Slack-Cruz
Director of Operations

As owner and operator of Tahoe Dog Days, I’m passionate about our pet family members and the environment we share. My business is based on Pet Wellness promoting safe, healthy, and happy pets. Here at Anybowl, I can increase education in these areas and add focus to the importance of providing safe drinking water to our pet family members. This is crucial no matter what time of year—pets need to stay hydrated in order to stay healthy. Our product allows a convenient way to accomplish this anytime, anywhere.


To live life with passion for a purpose.


Dedicated to education, preservation, and convenience, at Anybowl, LLC. we respect our planet and its resources, we use sustainable materials, and value your time. 

Our eco-friendly products are for people on the go!